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3PAR Migration Storage Consultant

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3PAR Migration Storage Consultant

Job description

Duration : 01/08/2022 to 30/09/2022

Customer’s existing environment consists of approx. 47 hosts across 2 sites (Bio Park and Stevenage) containing 1 x HPE 3PAR system each. The vast majority of the workloads are VMware virtual machines but some Windows physical machines are also present. The size of data presented to hosts at each DC has been determined to be 404TB in the first DC and 265TB in the second DC totalling 669TB.

The Project Manager will manage the project to design, configure and test new HPE Primera storage arrays in each site. The project also includes migration of data from the legacy HPE 3PAR arrays to the new HPE Primera arrays.


1. HPE Primera

2. HPE B-Series (Broadcom) SAN

3. HPE Peer Motion

4. HPE Peer Persistence

5. HPE Remote Copy

6. VMware

If you feel you have the skills and experience needed for this role; please do apply now.

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