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Data Architect

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We are currently recruiting for a Data Architect to provide strategic thinking on behalf of the business and ensure the organisation integrate data services to meet the needs of multiple business services. The Data Architect will be supporting Data Architect Lead and the Data Modeller. They will provide the skills and mindset to ensure the organisation designs architecture that considers data and will work with business stakeholders, the wider Central Data Office and DDaT community to turn business problems into data design for appropriate, flexible and proportionate resolution of business problems in line with the vision for data. 

The data architect will deliver the vision for the organisation as set by the lead data architect, through data design, to meet business needs. 

  • Assurance - You will imply assurance and support of data models and will work with the wider CDO, including the data quality function, to support resolution of  data quality problems through design. 
  • Data Design - You will design and maintain the appropriate metadata repositories to enable the organisation to understand their data assets.  
  • Analysis - You will undertake data profiling and source system analysis, present clear insights to colleagues to support the end use of the data, and will provide guidance for the upgrade, management, de-commission and archive of data in compliance with data policy
  • Data and process flows - You will produce and maintain data designs including data flow diagrams and data architecture blueprints, that will assure and integrate data to meet the needs of multiple business services and ensure the organisation designs architecture that considers data. 
  • Collaboration - You will work closely with technical architects to make sure that an organisation’s systems are designed in accordance with the appropriate data architecture, and work with a diverse range of senior stakeholders including business stakeholders to understand requirements and interpret them, be flexible and manage stakeholder expectations. 

Skills and Experience:

  • Problem resolution (data). You respond to problems in databases, data processes, data products and services as they occur. You initiate actions, monitor services and identify trends to resolve problems. You determine the appropriate remedy and assist with implementation of it as well as preventative measures.  
  • Data communication and Strategic thinking (data architecture) - You know that data needs to be aligned to the needs of the end user. You can create basic visuals and presentations. You have a knowledge of the strategic context of your work and why it is important. You can support strategic planning in an administrative capacity. (Relevant skill level: awareness) 
  • Data governance. You understand what data governance is required. You can take responsibility for the assurance of data solutions and make recommendations to ensure compliance.
  • Data standards. You know how to develop data standards for a specific component. You can analyse where data standards have been applied or breached and undertake an impact analysis of that breach.
  • Turning business problems into data design. You design data architecture by dealing with specific business problems and aligning it to enterprise-wide standards and principles. You work within the context of well understood architecture and can identify appropriate patterns.


  • Data modelling. You can explain the concepts and principles of data modelling and can produce, maintain and update relevant data models for specific business needs. You can reverse-engineer data models from a live system. (Relevant skill level: working) 

If you feel you have the skills and experience needed for this role; please do apply now.

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