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Data Engineer

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Data Engineer

Job description

Duration : 4 months

Minimum Requirement:

• Strong specialist knowledge and development expertise in using data management tools such as SSIS, R, Python, SAS DI Studio, or other advanced industry standard tools.

• Significant data management and optimisation expertise, covering: process design; code development (using languages such as R, Python, SQL or SAS); data architecture; testing and assurance; and reference/ master data management.

• Proven ability to communicate complex and technical concepts and issues to non-technical colleagues, customers and stakeholders at all levels.

• Demonstrable strong influencing skills, with the ability to work with others across organisations to achieve agreed strategic and operational objectives.

• Ability to work effectively on your own or as part of a team and contribute innovative ideas and knowledge to your colleagues

• Able to develop solutions and processes for data science and data management.

• Ability to deliver high quality work under pressure and tight deadlines.

• Proven experience in the assessment and reporting of data quality issues to both suppliers and to senior management.

• Experience in the day-to-day management and coordination of staff including the allocation and prioritisation of work to staff.

• Has a proven record of successful delivery of data management services in a large and complex organisation.

• Extensive experience in the collection, analysis, interpretation and prioritisation of customer requirements.

• Experience of developing effective data optimisation and management strategies and processes to manage large, diverse data flows.

• Ability to develop clear process documentation, based on customer requirements, against which a developer could build a technical process.

• Experience of maintaining dashboards in Power BI, Tableau or other BI tools.

• Experience of developing and maintaining code and processes using languages and tools such as SAS, SPSS, STATA, Hadoop, Splunk, Kibana and JavaScript.

• Experience with using record level data.

• Experience of maintaining code and processes using SQL and R or Python.

• Ability to maintain code and processes using software such as Python, R or Hadoop.

• Ability to identify innovative uses of data.

• Ability to understand and interpret results, apply the results to the given problem and suggest conclusions to be drawn.

• Predictive modelling via supervised or unsupervised machine learning.

• Developing and maintaining code using programming languages and tools, such as SQL or VBA.

• Creating standard operating procedures (SOPs), which can be referred to by other members of the team.

• Analysis of raw data.

• Requirements gathering for complex technical processes and/or testing processes.

Security Clearance: BPSS

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