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Lead Performance Analyst – SC Cleared

Job title

Lead Performance Analyst – SC Cleared

Job description

Duration : ASAP – 31.03.22

Clearance: SC. You must have active SC Clearance that has been used in the last 12 months.

The Home Office are in the process of starting Performance Analysis as a profession. There are some products within Home Office doing Performance Analysis already and we wish to expand this into a standard part of working for products and projects.

Google Analytics is the default choice for this – more through lack of knowledge than any technical reasons. Some projects within HO refuse to use Google for security reasons.

Meaning there is a need for Lead Performance Analysts with experience of a variety of Performance Analysis information collection tooling, the work needed to install them securely and also the data analysis side.

The purpose is to help start up the Performance Analysis profession with standard training, and a selection of high quality tooling.

As a Lead Performance Analyst you will:

  • What choice of tooling offer features to match the needs of Home Office PA websites (GA, Matomo, Microsoft Clarity, possibly Dynatrace and communicating the benefits of each to product teams. So a wide understanding of the options on the market, able to present those and how we could deliver them within the Home Office.
  • The choice of tooling for data capture may be different from the tooling used to analyse that data – so experience and knowledge of the tools available for analysis and how to integrate them with the capture tooling
  • Knowledge of the available high-quality training available on tooling and analysis to assist in bringing Civil Servants up to speed in these areas.
  • Able to transfer that knowledge/experience to existing Civil Servants
  • Delivery manager experience advantageous as some of the options (Matomo for example) may need on-prem installation.
  • Understanding of the legal requirements for data storage. Some products within the home office may require tooling that has special requirements for where/how data is stored.
  • Understanding of the service standard assessments and assisting product teams through the PA requirements. Service Standard - Service Manual - GOV.UK (
  • Working with product teams developing performance frameworks to ensure their continuous improvement is intelligently target at user experience.
  • Feeding back to Agile teams on the analytical findings

Essential Skills:

A lead performance analyst manages junior performance analysts at any level, coordinating teams or groups of related analysts. At this level, you will:

  • assist, take forward and influence the strategy as determined by the head of performance analysis, including data implementation and data architecture
  • remove blockers and act as an escalation point for important issues
  • be an ambassador for analytics across communities, departments and government
  • be responsible for the accuracy and quality of data, analysis and how they are used
  • proactively share knowledge and promote a data-driven culture as a leader in the community
  • coach and mentor senior performance analysts, performance analysts and associate performance analysts
  • Communicating analysis and insight. You can communicate relevant, compelling stories using the most appropriate medium. You know how to give complex recommendations at a tactical and strategic level. You can present analysis and visualisations in clear ways to communicate complex messages. You know how to communicate negative and positive in-formation to stakeholders. (Relevant skill level: expert)
  • Performance measurement. You know how to oversee the development and consistency of performance measurement frameworks across multiple projects. You can ensure that these frameworks are aligned to business needs and strategy. (Relevant skill level: expert)
  • Technical understanding (performance analyst). You can exploit opportunities through the recognition of new digital technologies to enhance analytical capability in alignment with business goals. (Relevant skill level: expert)
  • Understanding analysis across the product life cycle. You know how to develop sustaina-ble support models. You can identify and deal with potential risks across or between all stages of the product life cycle. You can coach others. You know how to contribute to the assessment of other teams, providing guidance and support as they move through the stages of the product life cycle. You can lead and champion best practice, and identify improve-ments to current approaches. (Relevant skill level: expert)
  • Understanding constraints (performance analyst). You know how to influence, challenge and coach others. You can anticipate how constraints might change and know where to challenge or remove constraints. You have a very strong knowledge of security and data privacy. You can describe and work within environmental constraints, finding the most ap-propriate solution for users. (Relevant skill level: expert)
  • Undertaking analysis and providing insight. You understand and can teach and supervise a wide range of analysis techniques. You can help organisations create and learn from stra-tegic insights. You can apply innovative approaches to resolve problems. (Relevant skill level: expert)
  • User-centred analysis. You know how to give direction on which tools or methods to use. You can bring insight and expertise to how user needs have changed over time and ensure these are met. You know how to apply strategic thinking to the problem of how to provide the best service for the end user. You can consider the political strategy and implications of any analyses and insights. (Relevant skill level: expert)
  • Verification and validation of data and analysis. You have a deep understanding of rele-vant data sources, tools and systems. You know how to use appropriate approaches for veri-fying and validating data and analysis. You can influence senior stakeholders over data ap-proaches. You know how to coach and mentor others. (Relevant skill level: expert)

Desirable Skills & Experience

  • Working within government
  • Working in an agile environment

If you feel you have the skills and experience needed for this role; please do apply now.

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